We believe in taking care of our planet and the people on it. That’s why our fine jewelry is always crafted from 100% recycled gold reclaimed from post-consumer waste. Providing high quality that can stand the test of time is an integral part of our mission towards a more sustainable future. All our pieces are solid 14k or 18k gold. Never plated or filled. So you can trust they won’t tarnish, oxidize or loose their colour over time. With the right care you can lovingly wear your timeless Cavaier jewelry everyday for years to come.

100% Recycled


Mining Seriously

Impacts the Planet

Recycled Gold Responsibly

Sourced in Europe

Nothing Less than 14k and 18k Recycled Gold

100% pure gold is too soft to wear, so fine jewelry is made from an alloy, where karats measure how much of the precious metal is included. Our Cavaier essentials are crafted from 14k gold that contains 58.5% pure gold, combining the highest quality with the best durability for carefree everyday wear. For our wedding collection we work with 18k gold that contains 75% pure gold, giving your special pieces exceptional colour and quality with a more vibrant yellow hue.

Hallmarks of our Quality

Always 100% Solid Gold

Offering high quality fine jewelry that can have a long life is important to us. Our designs are never plated or filled, we only work with 100% solid gold. Plated or filled jewelry is made from a non precious metal, then coated with a gold layer that will easily tarnish and wear off over time. Always crafted from 100% solid gold means you can wear your favorite Cavaier pieces daily and trust they will keep their color and shine.

What is White Gold?

White gold jewelry has the same pure gold content as the equivalent karat level of yellow gold. The difference is the metals it’s mixed with when making the alloy. To make white gold, silver and palladium are added to the mix and the finishing shiny white touch is a rhodium coating. This coating will naturally wear off over time, but can be reapplied by us.

What is Black Gold?