Cavaier is a guarantee for

Only conflict-free, ethically sourced diamonds

A diamond is created by the forces of nature and consists of very hard pressed carbon. This makes diamonds one of the hardest materials in the world. The diamonds are rough diamonds from the beginning. Then you cut them in different shapes, like a brilliant cut, princess cut etc. There are numerous diamond shapes and some of them have become standard in the industry and more commonly used.

The different shapes are based on mathematical formulas and are created to be able to reproduce as much lustre as possible.



When most of us think of a diamond we get the round cut in our head and it is by far the most popular shape. Almost all of our diamonds are brilliant cuts even though it requires more work than other shapes and is, therefore, more expensive.

The brilliant cut is the result of advanced research. It is designed to reproduce the best visual experience.



Black gold jewelry has the same pure gold content as the equivalent karat level of yellow gold. The difference is the metals it’s mixed with when making the alloy. The black metals used in the creation of black gold does not add to nor detract from the original worth of the gold. The finishing shiny black touch is a rhodium coating. This black gold in combination with our real diamonds is what distinguished us from others. A unique combination that isn’t produced or seen often.



Cavaier is a guarantee for only conflict-free, ethically sourced diamonds. The fifth C except Cut, Clarity, Color och Carat is Conflict Free (Conflict-free diamonds). At Cavaier we guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free and we only trade with suppliers that obtain their diamonds from legitimate sources that we know don't risk to get in wrong hands by conflict zones. We support a conflict-free process. Do you have more questions about how we work to prevent conflict diamonds you are welcome to contact us. To read more, please click on the buttom below to go directly to the Kimberley Process own website.